Circle Hook Jig Heads – Use them with live bait

By Get Fishing •  Published: 05/29/22 •  3 min read

There are several reasons why you should be using circle hook jig heads when you are fishing with live bait. In this post we will cover why you should consider using them more.

Circle Hook Jigs – Use them with live bait

What Should You Use it For?

Circle hook jigs are great for live bait applications. These do not work well artificial lures because when you are actively fishing an artificial lure, you are likely to set the hook aggressively. With a circle hook, that means you are going to pull the hook out of the fish’s mouth.

The reason you can’t set the hook as well when you really dig into a hook set is because the point of the hook is not pointed up. Since the hook point is towards the shank of the hook it drives the flat bend of the hook when you set it like you would with artificial lure.

Using Circle Hook Jig Heads with Live Bait

Yellowtail Snapper Circle Hook Jig – 4/0 Hook – 1/8 oz – 25 Pack

Yellowtail Snapper Circle Hook Jig – 4/0 Hook – 1/8 oz – 25 Pack

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The main purpose of using a jig with a circle hook is for live bait. You can also use it with cut bait or dead bait as well. This type of jig head is great for anything you’re going to let sit on the bottom or soak in the water.

Pick a jig head with the amount of weight that will quickly get the bait down to where the fish are, but not so heavy that the fish will drop it. Load the hook with the bait of choice and cast it out to where the fish are.

You can also jig or troll with these types of jig heads. Using a shrimp or a live bait fish do great as a slow drift rig.

The Benefits of Fishing with a Jig Head Circle Hook

Using Circle Hook Jigs come with a lot of added benefits. From rigging time to making it easier for catch and release.

Less Work to Rig

Using a circle hook jig makes it super easy to get rigged up quickly. You don’t need to mess with any additional weights or sinkers. No need for split shots or swivels or hooks because it comes in one compact package. Use a strong knot and put your live bait on the jig and you’re good to go!

Limit Gut Hooking a Fish

The major benefit for using a circle hook jig is it is safer for the fish. When you’re fishing a J hook style jig with live bait the hook point makes it easy to gut hook a fish. When a fish grabs your bait and starts to swim away it swallows the bait and your hook. The J hook point can then get swallowed and hooks a fish deep.

With a circle hook, when a fish starts to swim away with your bait the hook will come out and hook the the fish in the corner of the mouth. This is great for catch and release situations because it limits the chances of gut hooking a fish.

Circle Hook Jig Heads

If you’re looking for a live bait hook that will save you time on the water and make it easier for you to release fish, definitely check these out. For almost any live bait application, these are great.